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  • Mega Erskine, Coordinator

    Megan Erskine joined ICADP in December, 2011. Megan began her non-profit career with the AmeriCorps program, Chicago Health Corps, where she organized youth across Illinois to advocate for the growth and stabilization of school health centers. After AmeriCorps, Megan worked with the Illinois Coalition for School Health Centers (ICSHC), a project of the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, where she continued her advocacy and policy work to increase school health centers and improve health outcomes for children and adolescents. She started the first Youth Advisory Council at ICSHC and also produced the largest youth advocacy day in the organizations' history.

    Megan is a graduate of Kalamazoo College and also currently works in photography production.

    Megan can be contacted at ilcadp@gmail.com.