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Annual Reports

The ICADP produces the state's leading report on capital cases, costs, and all issues related to the death penalty in Illinois and nationally. Archives of past annual reports are available for download (PDF).

ICADP published a new report in March of 2010 with the finding that ten years after the moratorium, there is no way to reform capital punishment without the risk of executing innocent people and incurring enormous costs to taxpayers. The answer is abolition.

2010 Annual Report: 20 Exonerations, 10 Years of Moratorium

2008 Annual Report: Death Penalty Reform in Illinois: Five Years of Failure

2007 Annual Report: Capital Punishment in Illinois: Rejecting a Failed Policy

2006 Annual Report on Illinois capital punishment system

2004 Annual Report: Capital Punishment in Illinois: A Crisis Unresolved

2003 Annual Report

2000 Annual Report