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The vote may happen this morning (12/1), so call your Reps. RIGHT NOW!

We need your help this very minute! Representatives in the House will be in veto session one last time this morning, and are likely to vote on SB3539, the bill to repeal Illinois' death penalty. Please call your representatives right away with a final request to vote 'YES' on our repeal bill, even if you have already contacted them several times before. We may be as close as 2 VOTES in the House so your phone call really matters at this time.

To reach your Representatives in Springfield this morning please call the capitol switchboard at 217-782-2000 and ask to be patched through to their offices. To look up who your legislators are, please click this link:


We are almost there, but we still need your help to make abolition a reality. Time is running out, so please call right away! Thank you.


BREAKING NEWS: We have a House Judiciary II Committee hearing on our abolition bill – SB 3539 – tomorrow!

We have never been closer to repeal.

Legislators may vote on the bill tomorrow after the hearing so there is no time to spare -- please take action today, even if you’ve already contacted them.

Your Legislator could be the winning vote, but they need to hear from you!

Please click the following link to email and call your Legislators: http://org2.democracyinaction.org/o/1972/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY...

Tell them: “I’m a constituent and I want you to repeal the death penalty.” Just that short message will go a long way, or you can tell them more about why you think the death penalty is wrong for Illinois.

We have been working for repeal for years, We know we’ve asked you to take action several times already, but we need to show legislators that their constituents are watching every step of the way. Please call and email right away!

Thank you!

Join Us for our 2nd and FINAL Lobby Day on Nov. 29th!

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We're headed back down to lobby in Springfield on Monday, Nov. 29th, and we want you to join us! Sign up for our 2nd Lobby Day and urge legislators to cast their YES vote for SB 3539 that will repeal Illinois' death penalty during this month's final veto session. We want to be at the capitol in force in order to get our point across to legislators. So be sure to tell your friends and family members to join us as well for this monumental event!

Click this link to register for the bus from Chicago down to Springfield: http://icadp.org/civicrm/event/info?id=1029

Don't Hesitate: Act Now to Repeal Illinois' Death Penalty!

BREAKING NEWS: Tuesday, 11/30, Hearing on SB 3539 to Repeal the Death Penalty in House Judicial II Committee!
Click here to email and call your legislators right now to support SB 3539 before they cast a deciding vote to repeal Illinois' death penalty at the end of this month.

Check out our media coverage from this week's Veto Session!

It's a very exciting time during our campaign! The first November veto session just finished yesterday and ICADP had a great week lobbying at the state capitol, urging legislators to vote YES on SB3539. We had a tremendous amount of media coverage on this week's events, so take a minute now to read through some of these pieces and get updated on what's been going on!

Rob Warden Op-ed in the SunTimes:

Andrea Lyon piece in Huffington Post:

Post-Dispatch column:

IL Statehouse News:

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